Insight is a elegant and uniquely Mac-like system monitoring and visualization tool that lives and animates on your desktop. Insight provides system monitoring feedback by animating visualizers; unique animated graphic metaphors. Insight pulses, spins, shifts and shimmers like a proverbial ghost in the machine.

Insight moves in response to changes in your system, altering the current visualizers animation and behavior, subtly speeding up, pulsing, and shifting hues, giving you notice of system changes without being overly distracting and drowning you in technical details. Insights visualizers composite beautifully into your desktop, providing a subtle breath of life, movement and mystery to your workspace.


Insight provides multiple themes, or "Visualizers" to help display what is happening under the hood of your computer. Each visualizer is a unique, customizable display of your system state. Think of Visualizers as metaphors or interpretations for what is happening on your system in realtime. New Visualizers will be regularly added to Insight at no additional cost.

Fully Customizable

Visualizers are not just slight variations on a single theme, but completely unique and customizable designed 3D animations. Visualizers leverage Apples Quartz Composer rendering technology, meaning you can easily create your own unique Visualizers that Insight can load and display. Insight provides a custom Quartz Composer plugin to mine system information, allowing you to easily pick the information you want to display, parameterize and animate.


"This is freakin' awesome."

"Feels kinda like peering inside the imac's brain".

"Talk about leveraging cool technologies".

"I was skeptical of the utility of this, but after seeing the videos, I decided to give it a shot. I'm glad I did. This is seriously awesome. I'm off to play with Quartz Composer now. Great work!"

Contact and Support

We want you to enjoy using Insight as much as we enjoyed making it. Please feel free contact support @ with questions, issues and suggestions.